Naruto: Eternal Bonds

A world thrown into despair, the story of rage escalating, an empire that does not tolerate opposition... What are your bonds in this world?
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PostSubject: Gaaaaaah   Sun Nov 07, 2010 12:22 am

Name: Yakumo L. Obutsu
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Height: 1.90 meters
Weight: 70-80 kg

Yakumo is a quite tall, handsome elderly man, always in white. Though, at some times, he does like to have a bit of an attire change. But, that happens rarely and only if he goes outside of his village or in special occasions. Even though it does not seem like it, Yakumo actually takes his position quite seriously. His attire, which consists only of white colored clothes is on him all the time. Over his white clothes, he usually has a white coat. It had actually blended in with the rest of the clothes, so it quite hard to determine which part of his attire is the coat actually. Due to this odd and specific attire, Yakumo got one of his nicknames, the White Devil. The other one, well, there is a long story behind it. But, due to the fact that it is not related to his appearance, it will not be revealed at this point.

Other than his clothes, there is yet another thing which is specific about his looks. Yakumo has odd looking silver eyes, which match his light brown hair and his clothes perfectly. Nobody except him knows why are his eyes like that, most think that it is because he has contact lenses. But, it is actually because he had his eyes operated. Due to a certain accident a few years ago, Yakumo had his eyes operated. During this odd operation, he told the man who was doing the operation to change the color of his eyes if he could, and so he did. From that point on, he was quite famous because of those eyes, even before the day when he became a Jounin Captain. Other than his clothes and his eyes, there is nothing special about how Yakumo looks like. He is a quite muscular man, with a few pores over his face. Well, he does look like a man in his mid thirties, so pores are not actually something unnatural at that age.

His hair is light brown, with a few silver fibers hidden among it. Usually, he lets his hair grow till it becomes too long and starts getting in his way. Only when it starts getting in his way, he gets a haircut. But, his hair grows unusually slow, so most of the time he has a odd looking haircut. But, when he finally decides to cut it off, his entire look changes. Without his hair, Yakumo becomes a completely different man. He even gets more dates with his shorter haircut, though he will never admit that, since he likes his longer haircut a lot more than the shorter one. The reason for that is simple, the longer one matches his odd looking white attire. While, the shorter one matches his second attire, the one previously mentioned, which he has on him when he is off duty, when it is too hot outside and when traveling across the world. You could say that he is quite obsessed with the way he looks, due to his womanizing personality probably.

His second set of clothes includes a light blackish sleeveless shirt and a pair of brownish pants of a unknown material. Though, whatever it is, it is some really cheap material. Anyways, with this clothes he likes to wear gray ninja sandals. Around his right leg, if he is carrying some ninja tools with him, they will be in a pouch tied around it. If, he has too much stuff to carry about, he gets one more pouch which he ties around the back side of his belt. During the winter and when it rains, Yakumo usually puts a brown coat on, which is made from a bit warmer material. Even though it is also made from some cheap material, this coat is quite warm and it offers great protection from the rain. If the coat is not enough, he usually has something else under it, and instead of a sleeveless shirt he has a shirt with short sleeves. On some rare occasions, Yakumo even has a tie around his neck, a dark brown one.

    Hair: Brown, with some silver fibers among it.
    Eyes: Yakumo has odd looking silver eyes, which match his light brown hair and his clothes perfectly.
    Body: Muscular, medium body frame.
    Ethnicity: Judging by the picture, I would say white.

Just like any other member of the Obutsu Clan, Yakumo is quite dedicated to his village and his clan. He follows the traditions of his clan and serves his village with great loyalty. As a dedicated follower of the clan traditions, he will never kill a fellow Clan member or a fellow member of his village. Since he is the leader of the clan, he is able to issue a execution order of those clan members who have broken the rules and the traditions of the Obutsu Clan. But, instead of killing those members, he is also allowed to a few other punishments. Due to his own personal nature, Yakumo will try to evade the death sentence and always try to decide any kind of other punishment as long as it does not include death of a fellow clan member. He will do the same when it comes to fellow village members trying to leave their village and become rogue. Yakumo always has mercy over his countrymen and his fellow clansmen.

His personal nature, it is quite simple. Yakumo is quite a nice and caring kind of guy. He enjoys reading books, so you could say that most of his free time he spends in the village library. While, the rest of the free time he likes to spend somewhere in the canyons, relaxing and enjoying his time. Even though due to his job he does not have much free time, he never complains. Yakumo is not a lazy type of person, he has nothing against spending most of his time by working on different assignments. Whatever task he gets, he will always dedicate himself to that task, trying to complete it no matter what. That means, if he has to do something that he does not like, he will still do it. His dedication to his job and to his clan, they actually were the aspects which made him the leader of his clan. Just because of those facts, the former leader selected him to take over.

When it comes to communication with other people, he is quite a open person. He likes people and he likes talking to them about all sorts of different topics. Mostly, he likes to talk about music and village politics. As a high ranking village official, he is obliged to be informed about all of the happenings inside and outside the village. Also, as the leader of the Obutsu Clan he also keeps an eye on all of the clan members and always trying to get them out of trouble. Every day Yakumo enjoys having a coup of tea with some of the members of his clan, socializing and letting them to express their problems concerning clan and village related issues. He is a type of person who likes to listen to what people are saying to them, taking a note from everything. Then, when they are done, he usually makes a conclusion of some sort. Usually a helpful advice or/and a solution of some kind.

Among those most simple aspect of his personality, Yakumo has yet another part of him which he shows the most. Like many straight men, he loves handsome and young big breasted women. But, unlike most men who stick to one female who they call a girlfriend, he loves to have a lot of women. Indeed, he is a type of men who women like to call a 'womanizer'. This aspect of him is responsible for a lot of the actions which he takes, it even differs him from the rest of the members of his clan. His love for women sometimes even gets in the way of his job, even though he tries not fall in love with handsome enemy female spies, sometimes he just will not be able to do so. At times like that, he likes to flirt instead of fight. If that doesn't work, he would simply knock her out and take her hostage, constantly trying to make her fall in love with him. Though, Yakumo doesn't have any problems with killing people, as long as they are not women.

Rank: Kage
Village: Iwagakure no Sato - Tsuchi no Kuni
Fame: Zero
Infamy: Zero
Title: Iwakage [Earth Shadow]

    Bloodline: Obutsu Clan - Iwa Branch
    Element: Jinton[Dust] = Doton[Earth] + Fuuton[Wind]
    Fighting Style: I thought... perhaps we could get rid of some of the menial extra's and go more towards people having a tighter code on there fighting style. Something like, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Ijutsu *Medical* and Puppet Mastery. Without a bloodline you may have 1 Specialization and 1 Minor OR 1 Major, 2 Minors. With bloodline you may have: Specialist or 1 Major and 1 Minor. A specialist means your the highest in that field, a major means your proficient. Might Guy is a taijutsu specialist, while Kakashi is a Major in ninjutsu. Tsunade is a specialist in Ijutsu, Sakura is only a major

    w/o KKG
    1 Specialization
    1 Minor
    1 Major
    2 Minors

    w KKG
    1 Specialist
    1 Major
    1 Minor

Special Abilities: So I'm getting tired of extra's and flaws making no sense, so I've thought perhaps we could reword them.... as such, having an extra element in your part, "Suiton" is a major thing, which means your char needs to have a weakness against another element, such as "futon" that's to say 2 things, he can't learn it, and futon moves are particularly strong against him. Same thing for stats, only its reverse, say you have an extra that gives you +2 to agility, you lose +2 to another stat... perhaps with a dice roll to make it more fair. Same goes with other extra's, and weaknesses, I want them to be related, not completely unrelated just cause. And finally, low stats do not count as weaknesses anymore, if you have under a 3, its not counted.


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