Naruto: Eternal Bonds

A world thrown into despair, the story of rage escalating, an empire that does not tolerate opposition... What are your bonds in this world?
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 Naruto: Eternal Bonds Story

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PostSubject: Naruto: Eternal Bonds Story   Mon Aug 23, 2010 12:03 am

A New Era

It was long ago. Many decades ago. Most are too old to remember now, those who would have passed years ago. Yet, everyone in the world knows and sees the remains of those days. Ruins left and right and all around. It is a sad time I will tell you about now and it is a time that some already take for mere myths and legends from the elderly people who have rebuilt the country. Those who believe in these stories being myths… they often think that it’s just so that elderly people would gain some respect from the younger folks… Sadly, that is not anywhere near the truth. But now for those so-called myths.

It was a time of peace. The tailed-beasts had disappeared, for good at that time. The Shinobi villages had survived and everyone was living a happy life. The leaders of those hidden villages changed every few decades because the previous one had gotten too old, or because they wished to retire. Everything was going nicely… or so the masses thought. In secrecy the Daimyos did not enjoy the times of peace as they were wasting money on upholding the Shinobi villages and it’s inhabitants. Missions had gone down to ninety percent of them being B- and C-rank missions, not including the D-ranks though. A and S ranked missions were given out maybe once every two to five years. The Ninjas in the villages tried their hardest in every village nonetheless… but the conspiracy of the Daimyos at those days just completely washed all feelings of peace away, just like a tidal wave drowns everything at the shore it hits. The Daimyos of each country had called upon the Kages of other villages to send out their best men for an assassination mission of the council leaders of the daimyo’s village… the mission was carried out without restrain as the villages’ economy had through the roof… though the roof is the ground… it had dropped so far that people began to die of starvation, people in Sunagakure couldn’t afford drink water anymore soon and so… the days of peace found an end before it could even attempt to become an era.

The wars soon had spread everywhere. Every village battled against each other. The minor nations that once existed between the major countries were soon taken over by those big five. The Ninjas in those villages were ‘convinced’ to join the forces of the major country. The means did no longer matter, if it was forcing them by cutting off all rations thus letting them feel true hunger, if it was torture, if it was threatening it did not matter and if they absolutely resisted until the end then they were just killed in order to save rations. Many men with wife and child died this way, but the vast majority grabbed their arms in hope of survival. Some minor nations were able to hide nonetheless, for example could the nomadic grass village inhabitants hide in deep forests and if it was necessary they could just escape the warfare by traveling into another region of the continent, yet they were some of the only ones.

On the one side we had war-fanatics and on the other side we had people trying to escape, most commonly dying in the attempt. On one side we have an all out war, on the other we have the hope for survival… Some stronger Shinobi thought that they could survive through the survival of the fittest but against an army of many dozens, no one could remain alive. The days of war continued for many days, weeks, months. Eventually years had passed and no matter where the battlefield was, there were corpses, rotten earth or eventually skeletons. It were the incredibly hard times. At one point it all would change though.

One day… the Archipelago on which Kirigakure was located was obliterated. Eventually it had sunken to the ground of the ocean by the time everything on it had been burned down. The first big nation had fallen and as the homeland of the Kirigakure ninjas had fallen, they had lost their drive to continue. Any minor nation Shinobi could have beaten them to a bloody pulp then, but they did not even get a chance to do that. After the nation of water had fallen, the nation of fire was not left unharmed either. It was an interval of days until a major campsite of the Fire nation’s military had been completely annihilated, with not a single person or animal surviving. Soon there was a rumor of the Ghost of the Sage of Six Paths having returned into the living world to end warfare and annihilate everyone who abused his teachings… That of course was supreme bullshit in the eyes of the leaders of the great nations, but the proof of a superior Shinobi was soon brought by when the heads of the village leaders of Konohagakure hung from the Hokage’s building and the stone faces of the previous Hokages had been reduced to ash.

After the land of fire had fallen and many Shinobi fell victim to the attacking countries who saw their chance now, the mysterious ghost showed it’s face. It is said that it was a dark figure, only the eyes piercing through the minds of the attackers. Those eyes… legends say that they perceived and pierced the souls of the Shinobi forces and ripped those very souls from them. Eventually that even held some truth as there was a certain technique which allowed permitted that. The military forces of the great nations and of the minor nations which had joined the major ones were reduced to small fractions. The countries were laid into ashes and only the Rinnegan eyed man was the cause of it. His abilities were far superior to those of the strongest Kages. In the end, they only remaining Shinobi countries were Sunagakure which’s population had starved and dried out to eighty percent and Tsuchigakure which had invited the remaining Suna-forces and it’s Kage to join forces and to destroy the Rinnegan. It was all in vain. The village of Tsuchigakure was annihilated within one single night. The remaining Kages being killed and the forces reduced to an amount that even protecting a small village would not be possible without a lot of effort.

As sudden as the Rinnegan user had appeared to return peace, as sudden he had disappeared after slaughtering the Daimyos whose fault the outbreak of the war was to a certain point anyway. Now the world laid in mere ruins. The ground was soaked with blood and the people were left with nothing, but eventually their lives. There were so many corpses that the surviving people couldn’t have buried them, even if they had wanted.. Only in the former Shinobi villages they cleaned up and rebuild the destroyed buildings. A lot of areas were abandoned and eventually they would have been able to continue living.

That is the story of when the world fell into darkness.
Yet it is not everything there is to say… These days lay in the past, but the present time is not without fighting either.

From the north there originates a new force. It is the Feather Empire. It was the only force that eventually took reign over the destroyed countries of old and made them it’s own. The countries of lightning and Fire, the minor nations of bear, claw, teapot, rice, grass and the minor nations to the east of the former fire country all became part of the Feather Empire throughout the years. On the other side of the continent there were the countries of earth and wind where the earthen country remained the country of earth although it took advantage of Amegakure which had sunken into the lake it was once built on and the country of wind became the country of the Desert. Those two eventually found the strength to rebuild their hidden Shinobi villages in other places. The Catacomb village was built underneath the lake on which Amegakure once stood and the Light village hid itself in the middle of the great desert.

Eventually an organization was founded by the leading members of those two Shinobi villages which they called the Organization of the Sun which is an oppositional organization which fights against the Feather empire’s ambitions to take over all of the continent. Another tribe that actually managed to survive the warfare of old was the nomadic tribe who eventually had an organization called Kusagakure, the village hidden in the grass, who also dislike the Feather empire’s plans and ambitions but eventually do have a treaty through which the members of Kusagakure may enter the Empire’s territory to sell and buy goods.

Now that you know the stories that ruined this world, which path do you follow?
Eventually you follow the Emperor and become a leading role in the battles of the Empire, or you choose the other side of the medal where you become a member of the Organization of the Sun to return the light of peace to the world by destroying the Empire.
There are even more possibilities, so enter those realms now.
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Naruto: Eternal Bonds Story
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