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A world thrown into despair, the story of rage escalating, an empire that does not tolerate opposition... What are your bonds in this world?
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PostSubject: Hmmmmm   Sat Nov 06, 2010 10:24 pm

Character Name:
Yakumo L. Obutsu



Tsuchikage or ANBU

Desired Bloodline:
Obutsu clan Iwa branch Leader

Desired Element:
Jinton[Dust] = Doton[Earth] + Fuuton[Wind]

Starting Jutsu:
- Academy Techniques
- Earth Release D,C,B-Rank
- Wind Release D,C,B-Rank
- Scorpion Venom x1 [C]
- Dust Cloud Technique[D]

Iwagakure no Sato

Yakumo is a quite tall, handsome elderly man, always in white. Though, at some times, he does like to have a bit of an attire change. But, that happens rarely and only if he goes outside of his village or in special occasions. Even though it does not seem like it, Yakumo actually takes his position quite seriously. His attire, which consists only of white colored clothes is on him all the time. Over his white clothes, he usually has a white coat. It had actually blended in with the rest of the clothes, so it quite hard to determine which part of his attire is the coat actually. Due to this odd and specific attire, Yakumo got one of his nicknames, the White Devil. The other one, well, there is a long story behind it. But, due to the fact that it is not related to his appearance, it will not be revealed at this point.

Other than his clothes, there is yet another thing which is specific about his looks. Yakumo has odd looking silver eyes, which match his light brown hair and his clothes perfectly. Nobody except him knows why are his eyes like that, most think that it is because he has contact lenses. But, it is actually because he had his eyes operated. Due to a certain accident a few years ago, Yakumo had his eyes operated. During this odd operation, he told the man who was doing the operation to change the color of his eyes if he could, and so he did. From that point on, he was quite famous because of those eyes, even before the day when he became a Jounin Captain. Other than his clothes and his eyes, there is nothing special about how Yakumo looks like. He is a quite muscular man, with a few pores over his face. Well, he does look like a man in his mid thirties, so pores are not actually something unnatural at that age.

His hair is light brown, with a few silver fibers hidden among it. Usually, he lets his hair grow till it becomes too long and starts getting in his way. Only when it starts getting in his way, he gets a haircut. But, his hair grows unusually slow, so most of the time he has a odd looking haircut. But, when he finally decides to cut it off, his entire look changes. Without his hair, Yakumo becomes a completely different man. He even gets more dates with his shorter haircut, though he will never admit that, since he likes his longer haircut a lot more than the shorter one. The reason for that is simple, the longer one matches his odd looking white attire. While, the shorter one matches his second attire, the one previously mentioned, which he has on him when he is off duty, when it is too hot outside and when traveling across the world. You could say that he is quite obsessed with the way he looks, due to his womanizing personality probably.

His second set of clothes includes a light blackish sleeveless shirt and a pair of brownish pants of a unknown material. Though, whatever it is, it is some really cheap material. Anyways, with this clothes he likes to wear gray ninja sandals. Around his right leg, if he is carrying some ninja tools with him, they will be in a pouch tied around it. If, he has too much stuff to carry about, he gets one more pouch which he ties around the back side of his belt. During the winter and when it rains, Yakumo usually puts a brown coat on, which is made from a bit warmer material. Even though it is also made from some cheap material, this coat is quite warm and it offers great protection from the rain. If the coat is not enough, he usually has something else under it, and instead of a sleeveless shirt he has a shirt with short sleeves. On some rare occasions, Yakumo even has a tie around his neck, a dark brown one.


Character Personality:
Just like any other member of the Obutsu Clan, Yakumo is quite dedicated to his village and his clan. He follows the traditions of his clan and serves his village with great loyalty. As a dedicated follower of the clan traditions, he will never kill a fellow Clan member or a fellow member of his village. Since he is the leader of the clan, he is able to issue a execution order of those clan members who have broken the rules and the traditions of the Obutsu Clan. But, instead of killing those members, he is also allowed to a few other punishments. Due to his own personal nature, Yakumo will try to evade the death sentence and always try to decide any kind of other punishment as long as it does not include death of a fellow clan member. He will do the same when it comes to fellow village members trying to leave their village and become rogue. Yakumo always has mercy over his countrymen and his fellow clansmen.

His personal nature, it is quite simple. Yakumo is quite a nice and caring kind of guy. He enjoys reading books, so you could say that most of his free time he spends in the village library. While, the rest of the free time he likes to spend somewhere in the canyons, relaxing and enjoying his time. Even though due to his job he does not have much free time, he never complains. Yakumo is not a lazy type of person, he has nothing against spending most of his time by working on different assignments. Whatever task he gets, he will always dedicate himself to that task, trying to complete it no matter what. That means, if he has to do something that he does not like, he will still do it. His dedication to his job and to his clan, they actually were the aspects which made him the leader of his clan. Just because of those facts, the former leader selected him to take over.

When it comes to communication with other people, he is quite a open person. He likes people and he likes talking to them about all sorts of different topics. Mostly, he likes to talk about music and village politics. As a high ranking village official, he is obliged to be informed about all of the happenings inside and outside the village. Also, as the leader of the Obutsu Clan he also keeps an eye on all of the clan members and always trying to get them out of trouble. Every day Yakumo enjoys having a coup of tea with some of the members of his clan, socializing and letting them to express their problems concerning clan and village related issues. He is a type of person who likes to listen to what people are saying to them, taking a note from everything. Then, when they are done, he usually makes a conclusion of some sort. Usually a helpful advice or/and a solution of some kind.

Among those most simple aspect of his personality, Yakumo has yet another part of him which he shows the most. Like many straight men, he loves handsome and young big breasted women. But, unlike most men who stick to one female who they call a girlfriend, he loves to have a lot of women. Indeed, he is a type of men who women like to call a 'womanizer'. This aspect of him is responsible for a lot of the actions which he takes, it even differs him from the rest of the members of his clan. His love for women sometimes even gets in the way of his job, even though he tries not fall in love with handsome enemy female spies, sometimes he just will not be able to do so. At times like that, he likes to flirt instead of fight. If that doesn't work, he would simply knock her out and take her hostage, constantly trying to make her fall in love with him. Though, Yakumo doesn't have any problems with killing people, as long as they are not women.

Background Information:
Yakumo was born in a small village, in the Land of Earth, one of five great nations. His village was very small, and it was surrounded by tall mountains, and large rivers. All people in that village were pour, and most of them had no food, or water. The village was ruled by a fat government official. He kept all food and money for himself, not giving anything to the villagers, and their families. Yakumos parents were pour farmers, who served that fat man, and lived in dirt. Their house was small, and they had enough supplies, just barely to survive. After some time, the government official who ruled the land decided to make his own personal army, which he will use to kill the Daimyo of the Land of Earth. But, he knew that nobody from that village was strong enough to become a ninja, or ready to help him. So, he decided to do something else. Knowing how the place was filled with little kids, he decided to take all of them, and raise them as his personal soldiers. For that, he had a couple of older shinobi who worked for him. They were once Jounin Sensei in the Stone village, but now they were outcasts. Those two would do anything for a good pay, so that would explain why were they working for him. The attack was set up to happen over the night, while everyone was sleeping.

During that night, the young Yakumo was somewhat 7 years old, sleeping with his parents. While his gentle blue eyes were closed, an explosion occurred in the nearby area, waking up everyone in the village. When his parents heard this, the quickly woke up, dressing up themselves and their child. At the moment, they were only thinking about the safety of their son, not concerning about their lives. Yakumo was their priority, so they quickly dressed him up, placing him in his chair so they could tell him something. After a few minutes, the whole family came through the door of their hose, running towards the forest. As they were running, they could see people being attacked by the forces of the government official, they were everywhere. Knowing that they did not have a chance to escape, the parents of the young Hoshi sent their soon alone into the woods, with the instructions where to go. At that time, they stayed behind, stopping the bad guys to get near their soon. Without taking any seconds to look back, Yakumo entered the forest, disappearing out of sight.

After leaving the village, the young boy thought that his parents were dead, killed in the attack. Even so, he still hoped that they were still alive, even though that was not possible. The instructions given to the young boy were about an old house in the mountains, and how to reach it. According to his parents, this was the place where his parents lived with his grandparents, a long time ago. Maybe they were still alive, so he hoped to find them and live there from now on. But, the reality was quite different. After reaching that house, he found the house empty, with nobody there. No food, no water, only clothes and some strange looking swords. According to his parents, Yakumos grandfather used to be a Ninja for the Hidden Mist Village, and those were his swords. That was the moment when he decided to become a ninja as well. But, first he needed to train.

During the time after the death of his parents, the young Yakumo was crushed by this tragic. He used to think how his life was quite perfect. But now, he was thinking will he even survive the night. The nights at the Land of Earth were so cold and scary. For a young boy like himself, living in a dark and empty house, alone, it was quite frightening. He hopped that all of it was some kind of dream and that he will wake up soon, so he could hug his parents and other people who he knew from the village. But, nothing was happening, he was not waking up. To survive in this harsh times, the young Yakumo had to hunt for food and search the land for water. The soldiers took all food and water from the village, leaving him nothing. He could not rely on anyone except himself, that was a fact which he made his mot at moments like this. Even so, Yakumo still hoped to find someone out there, just so he could have someone to talk with. Eventually, he started forgetting how to say some words, even the ability of speech was leaving him. Noticing this, Yakumo got an idea how to prevent this. By using a knife which he found in the former house of his parents, the young boy made a dummy out of the woods and clothes which he found. After it was finished, he started talking to it, just so he could remember how to do it.

With that problem solved, the young man only had one more problem to solve. That was, getting food and water supply. At first he thought how he should get food by picking berries and mushrooms from the forest. But then, when he started that, the young boy remembered how some of this plants were dangerous. Some of them were poisonous, so he could not just pick them up and eat them, some other ways had to be found. Eventually, he found a small lake near the area in which he was, somewhat in the valley bellow the mountain. In it he found supplies of water and lots of fish swimming in it. So, now that he solve all of the main problems, training could start. To reach the Land of Water, the young man had a long way in front of him. Not only that, the path was quite difficult due to the fact that he had to cross the ocean in order to reach the main land. In order to do that he needed money for the boat ticket. But, the young boy did not have any money, he had to earn it somehow. To do that, he had no other options that stealing the money from someone. The first person which he came across was an old fat rich guy, who was going around saying how rich he was. Knowing how people like him are ruthless and evil, Yakumo decided to rob him. Judging by the fact that he had two guards, it was not supposed to be easy, but the young boy did not have any other choices.

A few hours later, the young boy could be walking through the streets of the town, eating some kind of fruits. The outcome of the battle seemed to be long decided, with Yakumo the winner. With money gained from the rich guy, he was now able to buy a ticket for Kirigakure no Sato. When Yakumo reached the only boat which was leaving to Kiri, he simply bought a ticket with the newly gained money, boarding the boat afterwards. There he found a lot of people leaving their home land due to the fight between war lords over power. Sad after hearing out some of their stories, the young boy set on one of the empty spaces, blacking out into a deep slumber. When he woke up, Yakumo found himself in the beautiful land of the water. After getting out of the boat, he left directly towards its capital, the Kirigakure no Sato, where the Mizukage office was. There, he hopped to find someone who could tell him how to get into the Ninja Academy and become a ninja. It took him a while, but he found the village and the ninja academy, all thanks to one person who he found along the way. The man who he met was a Jounin in Kirigakure no Sato, who helped Yakumo to get to the village. After that, he reunited the young boy with his parents, who were alive after all. Happy with that outcome, the young boy signed into the academy, hoping that he will make his family proud.

During the first day in the ninja academy, the young boy made a couple of friends, which also shared the same background. They were also from the Land of Earth, running from the fight of the war lords in that country. Al three of them soon became quite good friends, even ending up in a squad together. This was due to the little help of the Jounin who helped him in his quest. This Jounin also became their sensei, who all three of them learned to like. Later on they found out that he is one of the Seven Swordsman of the Mist. That little information made all three of them proud about their sensei. After learning everything about each other, the young Genin squad was able to start doing combos like they could read each others mind. The bond between them got so strong that even their sensei could not believe how incredible it was. Even so, with their bonds reaching the highest level of friendship, the young Genins also started to get stronger. Not even a year had passed, and they were already able to perform B-Ranked missions on their own. At occasions like that, their sensei would simply step back from the mission, hiding in the shadow and watching them complete their missions perfectly. At some point tears would flow from his eyes after watching a perfectly completed mission, he was damn proud of them.

In the squad they formed, Yakumo was the weapon and ninjutsu expert. Since he was a weaponry user, their sensei was the one who thought him most of his techniques, due to his connection with the seven swordsman of the mist organization. Since he was one of the members, the older Jounin was considered as one of the best Weapon experts in the village, which had a great influence on Yakumo. From all the techniques and strategies which he knew, Yakumo learned most of it from his sensei, who payed a lot of attention to him. Of course, he did train his other two students, but the young Yakumo was his favorite student who he thought everything. As Yakumo grew, his sensei was more and more proud of him, since he was becoming an exact copy of his sensei.

Even thought they were one of the strongest Genin teams in the village, Yakumo and his squad decided to skip the Chuunin Exam for that year and try out next year. The reason for that was their wish to complete more missions in order to visit more different villages and to meet more different ninjas from other villages, thus gaining more knowledge about their strengths and weaknesses. Respecting their wishes, their sensei supported them and he decided to train them even harder so they may become even stronger. Again, his fullest attention was directed to Yakumo, who learned how to master even more weaponry techniques, gaining his own style of weapon usage and his favorite weapon type. After a year, the day of the Chuunin exams finally arrived, they day which they were waiting for with so much expectation. The location of that Chuunin Exam was in Kirigakure, so the young Squad had the advantage of the area, since they knew the whole advantages and disadvantages of their Land and Village. Due to that, the first two exams, which were field exams, they passed with not so much problems. In that time, only Yuki, the female member of the squad got a small wound. Other than that, they were all fine, ready to continue. In the third round, Yuki fell out in a all out battle against a Genin from Kumogakure, who used Lightning against her Earth Techniques. Eventually, Yakumo and his other team mate reached the final fight. In that battle, the skills of weaponry and ninjutsus clashed with the skills of genjutsus and taijutsu. Till the end, the battle was undecided, favoring Yakumo at some point. But, after the other young man activated his bloodline ability, Yakumo went all out using his ultimate techniques. In the clash which followed, the battle ended in a tie, with both of them becoming Chuunin. Happy and sad, the young squad made a celebration for the Rank up of two of their member, together with the rank up of their sensei, who just became an ANBU. From that point on, they were destined to each take their separated ways.

After he gained the Rank of Chuunin, Yakumo still continued to hang out with his friends form the squad, together with their sensei. Even so, they slowly started to distance and soon enough a gap appeared between them. The girl Yuki, who was the only one of them which failed the exam, she joined a new Genin squad. As for the other boy from the squad, he went on solo missions just as Yakumo did. Even when they were assigned to do squad missions with other Chuunin, Yakumo never ended up with his former squad friend. As for their sensei, he was so busy with his missions, that they never seemed to have time to spend together. So, the squad slowly started to fall apart. As for Yakumo, now he had to train on his own and develop new skills on his own. Well, since he was used to train only when his sensei was around, this was quite hard for Yakumo, who was in his twenties at that point. Whatever he tried to train for failed and he was stuck at the same level, with no further development. Eventually, he stopped trying and decided to focus on his missions, just so he could gain more knowledge and experience. He was still young, so there was time to advance. The first few missions which he got were all high ranking ones, from B to A Ranks. All of them were quite hard, since at this point all the tasks Yakumo had to do alone, without anyone to help him. Even though it was hard for him to do so, he knew that this was something that needed to be done. Soon, Yakumo realized that he was focused too much on working in a team, that he even forgot how to fight on his own.

Role Play Sample:
Out of a sudden, from the sand in the sky, something erupted. That something or someone appeared to be right above the group of people whom were talking bellow, in the Forest of Menos. This figure knew that, at the moment of his arrival to this forest, he would have been detected by everyone who was there already. From what he sensed all of those people were on a high level of power, so tracking someone was not a problem for them. Not to mention, there were three Arrancar there, a Captain and some other weird creature. The Shinigami and the Arrancar were enemies, so both sides were being careful, in case if the other side tried to do something. Sensing one another was the most important thing to do in a battle of Shinigami and Arrancar, since both sides had a tendency to constantly use high speed techniques, invisible attacks and some sorts of illusions. Using destructive power and massive attacks was a bit useless in this new world, where hidden attack came from everywhere.

Marcus did not hide his presence, he was never a fan of doing that. Most of the time, he would let his spiritual pressure run wild, so due to that he was mostly spending his time in his tower where only Arrancar with strong reiatsu used to go. If he was in some place where mostly weak Hollows and Arrancar lived, then he would lower his spiritual pressure a little bit so that he would not kill them. This forest, it was one of them places. But, this time, something was different. Care for a certain someone drew the brown haired man to come to this place as quickly as possible, due to the sense that this someone was in danger, he did not lower his reiatsu level. He couldn't bare the thought of losing that certain someone. That certain someone was the only person who he could trust, so he needed her, there was something on his mind. Not knowing if the Captain was dangerous or not, he decided to knock him out just in case.

As mentioned before, Marcus entered the forest as his full speed, which was a bit lower than the speed of those high speed techniques such as Sonido or Shunpo. Due to that, even if someone would sense him, by the time they looked up, they would not see a thing since he would have already disappeared. Well, not just due to that. The moment when he would enter the forest from above the gathering of the group mentioned before, he would have executed a Sonido, while he was still using his special speed and strength increasing ability. The result would be a blinding speed, which could not be tracked by regular sensing ability or sight. Since the mentioned high speed techniques allowed a person to move at the speed of sound or a bit slower, the brown haired Arrancar now moved above that level of speed. But, he had a bit of a drawback, at this speed he could not execute an attack.

In order to put his plan into motion, he had to use this speed to reach the Captain and then execute an attack using only his own speed, which was quite fast due to his special ability. As mentioned before, Marcus knew that he will be tracked. But at the moment when any of the beings even sensed him coming trough the sand, he would have already appeared right in front of the Shinigami Captain. But, that was not so important as the action which followed. When he appeared, Marcus was already in his favorite battle stance, that of a boxer. Indeed, both of his arms were up, ready to strike or block, formed into mighty fists. His legs, they also took the recognizable stance, that is if anyone here actually saw a boxing match during their lifetime. But, unlike a boxer who only used his fists, Marcus tended to use his legs as well, so he was more of a kick boxer. But still, he used the stance of a regular boxer.

Of course, his opponent did not have time to observe this, since he was in bit of a trouble. Right after he appeared, Marcus did not waste any time, he made his move right away. Since he was already in his stance, he just pushed his right fist forwards, at the upper chest area of the Shinigami Captain. Using all of his strength and adding the speed factor, this punch was going to be quite powerful, but not enough to be lethal for a Shiniagami with Captain level spiritual pressure. If the captain got hit, he would have been knocked out for a few hours, giving Marcus enough time to take him back to Soul Society and drop him there. He did not want for anyone to die in this place, it really was not such a great place for a grave. Well, that is, if the body stayed intact. Chances of that were quite low, since this whole battle might turn ugly.

As he made this attack, Marcus took into consideration a chance that the Shinigami might use his high speed technique to dodge this attack. But, he did not expect that at the time of his attack, a certain someone made her move as well. The creature from behind the Captain decided to take a ride on her tall friend, so she jumped towards him, at the moment when the attack was about to hit. Indeed, now the Captain was placed into a bit of a trouble. If he was to try dodging this attack, the fist of the brown haired man would go straight forwards, hitting the creature behind him. Since this creature did not have a high level of reiatsu, unlike the captain, it would have died from the punch. Since it was in mid air, jumping towards her friend, it would not have noticed the punch, till the moment it hit her. Not to mention, this creature wouldn't even notice Marcus, since the Captain was in front of her.

Now, the Shinigami Captain was in bit of a trouble. If he was to use Shunpo by moving to the left or to the right, the creature which was behind him would get hit by the attack instead, which was fatal for her. But, if the Captain decided to save her by not moving, then he would get hit and tossed backwards, slamming into his female friend. Both of them would end up being knocked out for a few hours, but alive. From the moment when he appeared in the forest, till the connection of the hit, only a single second passed, it happened even before the Captain said a single thing after hearing the last speech of the other male Arrancar. That was, just a millisecond before the small creature touched the Captain. So, the Shinigami did not have enough time to use Shunpo to save the both of them. If he tried going backwards, he would have slammed into the girl, which would cause him to slow down and still get partially hit.

Now, the decision was on the Captain. Will he save his friend, or will he let her die and save himself? Either way, his life was not in danger. But, his decision, it could either save the odd creature behind him or it could cause her death.

Link -

Strength: 12
Constitution: 9
Stamina: 11
Agility: 17
Dexterity: 10
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 9
Charisma: 10
Comeliness: 10

Quote :
[Major]Bloodline - Member of the Obutsu Clan, possession of the Hokori no Kekei Genkai.
[Minor]Medic - Member of the Obutsu Clan, possession of the knowledge about poisons, due to the fact that the Obotsu Clan Kekkei Genkai includes poison creation. But, unlike other Medic, Obotsu Clan members do not have any other medical knowledge except that of poisons.
[Major]One handed hand seals - Self Explanatory.

Quote :
[Major]Loyalty - Full fledged loyal shinobi of their village and clan. The member of the Obotsu clan will never leave their village, they will never harm or fight a fellow clan/village member even if that means dieing. Unless given permission and approval of the Clan Leader or the Kage. If the Obutsu Clan member is the leader or/and the Kage, then he will never kill anyone of his village or clan, will never leave their village, if it means dieing.
[Minor]Inability to use Kenjutsu - Self explanatory
[Major]Unable to Swim - Due to the area where he lives, he/she never learned how to swim. Due to that, he/she will never get close to water and it will drown if he/she falls into water.

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