Naruto: Eternal Bonds

A world thrown into despair, the story of rage escalating, an empire that does not tolerate opposition... What are your bonds in this world?
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 Xavier Uchiha, Chidori Current Training

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Xavier Uchiha
Xavier Uchiha

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PostSubject: Xavier Uchiha, Chidori Current Training   Wed Dec 02, 2009 12:34 pm

It was dusk, verging the darker stages of twilight. Dense clouds laden with foreboding shrouded the full moon over the Uchiha enclave. The air was damp and the ground was moist, harbingers of the approaching thunderstorm. Xavier sat crouching on a rock at the zenith of a large mountain, watching the gathering clouds form. He could feel the untamed electricity in the air on his skin and running through his body. He closed his eyes, fully embracing the static gathering on him as a strong wind began to blow. Xavier stood up and faced the wind. He knew what he was about to do was exrordinarly dangerous, and he knew personally many comrades who had been seriously injured attempting it, but this was of no conscience to him. He knew what he needed to do.
What Xavier was about to attempt to preform was a technique known as Chidori Nagashi [One Thousand Birds Current]. This technique converts the body's natural chakra into a powerful electrically charged aura surrounding their body. When used in combat, the damage of taijutsu attacks augmented by a powerful shock of lightening. This electromagnetic aura can also be used to charge, and magnetically guide metallic weapons. This was Xavier's first step before attempting to learn full Chidori.
Xavier stood perfectly still, standing up against the strong wind, embracing the natural electromagnet current consuming him. Before long his fingertips began to feel a slight tingle, which increased to a prickly sensation crawling up his hand. His hand now felt like it was sleeping, the prickly sensation now having grown twenty times fold. It gathered to a pain, and the pain increased. Xavier clenched his fist and a painful surge of electricity suddenly shot up his arm and into his other arm and legs.
The pain was enough to cause him to collapse. He laid on the wet grass, trembling uncontrollably from the shock. A gentle rain began to fall from the sky. He could feel the electricity running in his collapsed body reacting to the touches of raindrops. He began to get up, struggling to keep his balance. He was surpassed to find that the fringe of his sleeve looked as if it had been singed by fire. Xavier brought his numb hand up to his temple and focused his thoughts.
He resumed his previous stance, the wind still beating at his body. He focused his chakra in his hand, and the tingling sensation was reoccurring much more quickly then the last time, only this time, not as sharp. There was no pain when he clenched his fist, rather a surge of electricity flooded his arm up to his shoulder like water rushing from a collapsed dam. And in the dark of night, Xavier saw one of the most miniscule, rewarding things of his life: a single spark, ignited by the tip of his index finger.
As soon as Xavier lost focus on maintaing the chakra flow into his hand, he felt an excruciating jolt of lightning stab his torso from his shoulder. The shock sent him sprawling to the ground again, this time with twice as much pain as the last. He laid on the ground, his body violently shaking as electricity ran rampant through his chakra network, causing stabbing sensations to his toro and extremities at every moment. He tried to get up, but this time the pain was too excruciating.
The gentle rain was now beginning to intensify as the storm drew nearer. Xavier opened his eyes, staring into the black night sky as the cold rain pelted against his numb body. He thought about letting himself slip out of consciousness and wake up in the brisk dawn, but he told himself no. He had come too far to give up now and loose all the progress he had made. So he began to get up. First on his elbows, then his knees, eventually pulling his still tingling body up erect.
The storm was now at full force and he had a hard time standing up against the prevailing wind, but he dug the heels of his boots into the mud and stood tall. He was just as surprised as earlier to find that the entirety of his right sleeve and parts of the torso of his shirt were completely singed. Xavier closed his eyes. He only had enough chakra left for one more shot at it, before he would be completely exhausted and have to wait till the next thunderstorm, and start all over again. This last shot had to count.
He charged the chakra in his hand one last time. This time, his hand was immediately consumed in lightening that rapidly traveled up his arm and poured into his torso, flooding his lungs. From there, the lightning shot into his other arm and legs and he could feel the raw electricity climb his nervous system chord up his spine, into his head and gather in his eyes that immediately assumed the Sharingan as a result of the surge of chakra. His whole body was completely encompassed in a massive aura of lightening, a feeling like he had never felt before. Xavier let the electricity drain from his body and into the earth. Xavier grinned, and fell backwards onto the wet grass, completely exhausted.
With a few more weeks of practice, he became able to conjure the aura without any external aid. He soon learned how to channel the energy into taijutsu attacks and weapons. After several more weeks of training he mastered using the electromagnetic pull to manipulate metalic objects and now, is preparing for the training that will be the ultimate test of his lightning current. Chidori.
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PostSubject: Re: Xavier Uchiha, Chidori Current Training   Wed Dec 02, 2009 7:23 pm

Approved.....BUT you have to wait till you reach Spec. Jounin or Jounin Rank...since Chidori Current is A-Ranked.....Chuunin are allowed to learn E,D,C-Ranked jutsus....and 2 B-Ranked all in the jutsu rules....
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Xavier Uchiha, Chidori Current Training
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