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A world thrown into despair, the story of rage escalating, an empire that does not tolerate opposition... What are your bonds in this world?
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 Raikou's Wood training

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Raikou Senju
Raikou Senju

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PostSubject: Raikou's Wood training   Fri Nov 27, 2009 5:10 pm

Raikou walks in the field to prepare his training he is planning on training his special bloodline Technique. Raikou puts his hands together and uses water and earth to try and make a wood clone, but Raikou failed to do so at his 1st try. Raikou realized he cant keep failing over and over again or he will all his Chalkra. So Raikou tries again to make a wood clone and he makes half of a wood clone so he was getting closer and closer, so he tried again still not completed, SO raikou puts his hands together and finally makes a wood clone, but Raikou wanted to make sure it wasn't a fluke so he tried again and Succeeded.
So Raikou is ready to try out another on of his Bloodline Techniques he puts his hands together as a symbol of putting Earth and Water together and tries his new technique, but he fails to try out his Great Forrest Technique. He tries again, but he tries to use his technique to hit a tree, but he fails. So Raikou tried once more to check the range of his Technique and he tries to use it without aiming for the tree and he barely succeeds. So Raikou tries again to check and it worked better than the last time so now Raikou thinks he can hit the tree. Raikou puts his hands together and uses his technique and hit the tree. Since Raikou always wanna double check he tries again and does better than he did before. So raikou succeeded with his new Great Forrest Technique.
Raikou discovered a new technique to Transform himself into looking like someone else, but using the Wood element. So Raikou is read to try out a new Technique and so he puts his hands together and mixes Earth and Water together and turns them into wood and tries his new Technique, but he failed halfway. He tries once more and hopes to do it perfectly and almost perfected the Technique. He tries to transform into looking like a person he say the other day. Raikou puts his hands together and puts his all to it and finally completed the technique so then he tried again and finally he perfected his Technique.
So he tries a new bloodline Technique for defense. So he puts his hands together as a symbol of putting Earth and Water together then tries to make a wood barrier, but he couldn't hold it for more than 2 seconds. Still he wants his new Technique to last as long as he has enough power too use it. Raikou tries again, but really visualizing the wood barrier and concentrating and then held it up for 5 seconds then broke apart. Raikou is frustrated because he cant seem to get it right so he rests for a minute and then tries again and held it up for 40 seconds and then broke apart.
Raikou noticed he was moving forward, but he still has some Chalkra to hold it up for 3 minutes and tries and then put it up for 1 minute and 20 seconds and then he finally considered it as a victory.
Raikou who was so tired from all that training figure he shouldn't waste his time thinking and just train for another Wood Technique. He puts his hands together thinking of Earth and Water and then tried to form a Wooden Prison which is used to trap his enemies, so he tries, but it didn't form properly as it was supposed too. He tries again to form the Wooden Prison Technique focusing Earth and Water to form a wooden prison visualizing the Technique succeeding and then had it up, but the technique was supposed to last even without his hands together, but it didn't work out that way. He tries again and it worked, but lasted only for 5 seconds without his hands together and concentrating on the Technique. He once more tries again and he realized each technique he learns the harder it gets. So Raikou tries again and it stood up by itself for 20 seconds. He tries again even though he was so tired already then he held it up without his hands connecting for 1 minute at the least, so he tried to perfect it, then it worked and lasted for 10 minutes and was still ongoing and he didn't sense any of his chalkra being depleted so he basically considered that as a victory, but wanted to make another one and then rested for awhile.
While Raikou was resting he though to himself that he should learn this Wooden House Technique he heard of and figured he would probably need that Technique when he is on missions. So he gets up and sensed his chalkra has been full recharged, then he puts his hands together and tries to use the Technique, but he only made it halfway. Raikou was of course still tired from that training and tries again to use the Technique, because he thought that it would be best for his squad then tries again almost completed it, but it fell apart after a couple of seconds. He figured he cant keep holding his hands up while he was sleeping so he needed to find a way to keep it up while sleeping so he tried and made it last for a minute, but then fell apart. Raikou tried again and then made it last, but he noticed some of his chalkra was depleting while doing that, so he didn't consider that as a victory then he tried again and then finally succeeded and tried hard to sense his chalkra to make sure it wasn't depleting any of his chalkra and he considered that as a victory and then fell to the ground.
Raikou thought he needed another defense Technique and then started to train with another wood Technique, and he used Wood Wall Technique that can be used both as defense and offense by using the wood as a shield he can also enhance it to become sharper and aim at the enemy. So this is going to be one of the hardest Techniques Raikou has ever trained with and Raikou puts his hands together to execute the Technique and tries to put the wall up, but he fails to enhance the Chalkra, so he tries again and puts it up and succeeded enhancing the wood with chalkra. So he now tries to use it as an offense and does the same thing puts his hands together and puts up the wall and enhances it with chalkra and tries to control the wood to aim for the target and almost completed it, but he failed. So he tried again and succeeded, but it wasn't perfect yet. Raikou has a habit of wanting it to be perfect I mean who doesn't so he tries again and he finally succeeded and he feel to the grass and started looking up to the sky.
Raikou wants to Learn another technique, but he wants to Learn a Wood Technique that helps him hide and Attack his enemy. So he wanted to learn the Wood Technique known as Birth of Dense Woodland. The Technique truly controls trees or you could say it creates them, in order to help the user in many ways Raikou thought this would be a useful Technique so he concentrates and thinking that this will be the Hardest Technique he has Learned so far so he was really excited to learn this Technique and then he grew a tree out of nowhere, but it didn't come out right because it was destroyed when he was surprised that he saw that he almost finished the Technique so he tried again, but something went wrong, but he didn't what he did wrong. Raikou frustrated then concentrated gathered up more chalkra and then used the Technique and he grew a tree, but he couldn't control the tree very well so he tried again to test if he can control it like making it grow taller while he was running up the tree. So he tried to control the trees height and started running up, but it was harder than he thought running up the tree controlling the tree's height without his hands together. While he was running it suddenly stopped and he fell on his back. So he tried again and almost reached the the top of the hill which he was aiming to go using his new Technique, but he fell halfway again. So raikou concentrated visualized himself doing it concentrated his chalkra gathering them all up and then he finished it and he felt relieved when he reached the top and drank some water when he got to the hill.
Raikou wanted to try out another wood Technique so he used his new Technique to get off the hill. He wanted to try out his other Technique made to Restrain the users enemies and started training and tried to use it on a Tree and he needed to concentrate, but this Technique was supposed to be able to hold on its on, so he called that a failure. Then he tried the Technique again to restrain it, but he succeeded so fast he noticed it wasn't even a challenge. So he tried testing it on a Rock he saw up at the hill which considering he was looking at it from a far and it would've been better to train with so he tried, but he failed and now he was definitely sure that it is harder than restraining a tree. So he tried again concentrated and he restrained it, but he still wasn't able to not hold it without putting his hands together. So now he tries again and restrains it without keeping his hands together, but he noticed his Chalkra was being depleted. The he tried again and succeeded, but he still needs work and tries again to check it wasn't a fluke and then succeeded again and that decided it was a victory.
Raikou wanted to try a new Technique that is a water affinity Technique so he tried this Technique which rank was still unknown so he tried this Technique and gathered up water in his hand and he tried to make a sort of torrent, but it lost control and the water was destroyed. He realized that he was to used to Wood Techniques and he though he had to get used to using water Techniques too. He tried it again and he almost got it, but he couldn't control it very well. He tried it again and then formed it properly, but he has to try to use it as an attack. So he concentrated on the water tried to form it and gather the water and he threw it at a tree to test it out, but the water somehow broke apart halfway. So he kept trying until finally he did it and he noticed the force from the water by using the attack. So he wanted to perfect it and he kept trying it until it became an easy task for him.
Raikou decides to try just a regular Earth Style Technique so he was thinking of what technique he should use then he thought of another technique which rank was still unknown so he decides to use try and practice with that Technique and uses hand signs and concentrates on making an Earth Dragon Projectile and then tries it, but he didn't make it look like a dragon plus it came apart before he was able to use it to destroy a couple of trees and he tries again doing the Technique again he tries to make the Technique look like it was just an ordinary Technique and so he tries again, but its effect still wasn't strong like it was supposed to be. He tries again and again keeps failing and he though to himself that this might be harder than the water Technique he just learned and tries and again really concentrating in putting his all and then finally succeeds and Raikou who had finally succeeded he realized it was already night and he noticed that it took him a long time to complete the Technique and fell a sleep under the stars.
Raikou woke up the next filled with energy and then ate some bread and then started training again. Raikou was thinking of trying another technique he heard of which enhances his hair with Chalkra then controlling it and using it to somewhat attack there opponents. So he gathers up his chalkra and tries to enhance his hair with chalkra in order to attack so he tries to use it on a tree, but his hair was so weak that it didn't even scratch the tree. He gathers up chalkra and tries to enhance his hair and then making it sharp enough and he hit the target, but his hair still wasn't strong enough. He sits down on the ground and rests and concentrates and then quickly jumped up again and then tried the technique again so he really concentrates and his hair actually pierced the tree through and through so he wanted to make sure it wasn't a fluke and tries again and succeeded, but then he thought that if he enhances or makes his hair so strong to the point that it can destroy a rock he might be able to become even stronger. SO he tries again concentrates to make his hair stronger and aims for the huge rock and was even scratched, but it ricocheted to a tree. He tries again and then it happened again. So he sits down once more and thinks and then stood up and used the Technique and pierced the huge rock and finally he felt relieved.
Raikou wanted to try his Tai JUTSU technique and he so he practices his Tai JUTSU on a tree so he jumps up in the and jumps from another tree and then jumped toward the tree he was practicing on and kicked it, but the effect was still to weak compared to what it was supposed to be. He tries again scrapes the tree on the side, but the effect wasn't strong enough. He tries again and then while he was scraping the tree while in mid-air he uses his left leg to try and change the scraped tree into a destroyed one so he points his left leg and then cuts the tree in half. So he finally perfect at least one Tai JUTSU.
Raikou tries to use another water technique called hidden mist Technique so he puts a hand sign together preparing and concentrating on turning water into mist. He tries, but the mist quickly when he wasn't using his hand signs, but it was supposed to last long even without concentrating his Chalkra and putting his hands together to make the mist. He concentrated again then gathers up chalkra and uses the Technique and it worked, but when he wasn't putting his hands together to form a hand sign he noticed his chalkra being depleted steadily. He tries again, but the same thing happened so he kept trying, but it didn't work properly cause the mist was still to weak. So he tries once more and then he still didn't succeed and he was frustrated and so he sits down on the ground in order to concentrate properly and gather up more chalkra and then he stands back up then he tries the Technique again and it worked perfectly and he didn't sense any of his Chalkra being depleted. Then he noticed he could make the mist more dense by just a simple thought and so he had to train to be able to fight while he was able in the mist just by sound so he trains again and he was sensing all the life around him and then sensed a tree nearby sensed a bird on the so even though he couldn't see he grabbed a rock from his pocket and aimed for a branch above the bird, but he missed and hit the lives. He tries again and then grabbed another rock, but this time from the ground and threw another rock, but it only hit the whole under the bird. He tries again and grabs another rock and then he keeps trying to sense everything round him and started sensing all the other trees and animals, but his range still wasn't perfect so he was trying to train on hitting a target without looking just by sound in the mist so he held the rock tighter and tighter and then threw the rock that barely missed, it went above the bird. He tries again, but he missed the tree branch he was aiming for only for an inch and hit the tree behind it. Then he tried and then finally succeeded and basically perfected fighting in the dense mist just by sound so he tried again and he did so he was really proud that he just learned a new fighting style.
Raikou tries to use another Technique which uses water again he was lucky that he there was a kinda lake or pond next to the place he was training. He prepares some hand signs to symbolize water and control the water as a wave to try and wipe out some trees, but before that he jumps up a tree and, but he lost control of the water wave. He tries again before that he sits on the tree branch and then uses the water technique and it worked and made some of the trees damp. He tries again, but he made the water strong enough that it almost brought down the tree he was on top off. He uses the Technique again, but this time he enhances the water with some of his chalkra and then it brought down the tree he was on top off and then he jumped to trees ahead. So he basically considered that Technique as a completed Technique.
Raikou tries another Technique that is an earth style technique and then he uses some hand signs to of course symbolize Earth and then the ground was shaking and then a piece of the ground came up and then while the Technique was still in the process of completion it fell apart before he could get higher that the biggest tree around.
He used the Technique again and then tries it again and succeeded of getting higher than the biggest tree he saw around. So then he stopped the Technique and he was thinking of making like a bridge version of the Technique.
So since he saw that the hill only was a few parts higher than where he was so now he uses the Technique again, but he tries to control the shape by using chalkra to make a bridge toward the hill he trained at before. So he was running over the bridge he was going on to get to the top of the hill and then it fell apart halfway, but he jumps back before it completely fell apart so he gets back to his original Technique and then used the Technique again and then it worked, but when he wasn't keeping his hands together it fell apart, but the Technique was still supposed to hold up even though he wasn't keeping his hands together so it fell apart then jumped back to the Earth platform like Technique he made. Then he used the Technique again, but this time even though it worked without putting his hands together his chalkra was still being depleted. So Raikou couldn't consider that as a completed Technique so he tries again and then it Finally worked, but he noticed he just basically learned to ways of using one Technique. Raikou took pride in doing something like so he was looking for the Exams.
Raikou thought of something one of the ways is supposed to have a wood version too. Raikou thinks about it and then decides he is gonna make a wooden bridge called, he believes the Technique is called Wooden Bridge Technique. Raikou puts his hands together to symbolize Earth and Water mixing together into wood and he created the bridge, but when raikou was almost there he didn't connect his hands the bridge fell apart. He had the same problem just a minute ago. He jumps back and then concentrates and then does the Technique again, but this time he is trying to remember how he did it a moment ago. So now he remembers, but his chalkra was still being depleted so he tries again and he didn't sense any of his chalkra being depleted.
Raikou was thinking that he wanted another long range attack. He heard of a Technique in his Clan Scrolls that is a long range attack. He believes it was called the Wooden Spikes. Then he got a scroll out of his bag which looked like his clan scroll and then he read that the Technique is even stronger if you enhance it with either Chalkra or Fire. Raikou was thinking he should work in the mist again. So uses his Mist Technique and then uses the Technique he just heard of, but he didn't enhance it with chalkra. Before Raikou put the mist he saw a tree branch and made it his target. So Raikou before he threw the Wooden Spike he could still see through the mist and he decided to make it denser. Now that he couldn't he should concentrate on sensing the life around him. He sensed the tree branch and threw the Wooden Spike and made it right on the target. So now he decides to enhance it with chalkra so he uses the Technique again enhances it with chalkra and then throws it. He didn't hit target because he put to much chalkra on that the Wooden Spike couldn't handle it. He tries again and he hits the target, but the effect was too small. He concentrates and then throws the Spike and then the Spike broke through the tree. Looks like Raikou found the right amount of chalkra.
Raikou decides to try and complete a C-ranked Technique he heard of. The Technique is a Water Element Technique which can work even without water around. The Technique is known as Violent Water Wave. Raikou now is concentrating and then gathering up more chalkra. Now he is ready he uses some Hand Signs to symbolize Water and he blows out some water, but the water didn't flow as smoothly as he wanted. So he tries again to form the Water better and he then he uses some hand signs again and then water flows out of his mouth, but still didn't work.

Raikou tries again, but sits down and then concentrates and then jumps back up and then uses some hands signs as a symbol of the Technique and then he blew out water, but it didn't hit the tree Raikou was targeting. He concentrates his chalkra again and then tries the Technique again and hit the target, but the effect was only like a normal splash of water. He tries again and then he thought he saw that a leaf fell of the tree he was targeting. So he continued trying cause he saw that he was slowly progressing with the Technique so he continued. He rests and waits for his chalkra to recharge.

Raikou tries again with the Violent Water Wave Technique, cause the effect of the Technique was supposed to destroy the tree he was aiming for. So Raikou continues with his special training. He closes his eyes again and waits for his chalkra to recharge for he wants to do more training after he finishes this Technique. So he tries again, but this time he scraped the tree. So he tried to hit the tree's branch and when he did the branch broke off. So that proved that he was progressing with the Technique. He tries the Technique again on the original thing he was aiming for. He uses some hand signs and this time he broke the tree's balance by break the tree's left side, but he was supposed to hit at the middle and destroy the tree from the middle. He tries again with another tree and then he used the Technique and then he finally broke the tree. Then Raikou pants and then sits down on the ground and then he can now say he has a C-ranked Technique.
Raikou now is so relieved that he just learned a C-rank technique and he decides and trying to train with another water Technique which works both as Defense and Offense, but it normally works as Defense. He thinks the Technique is called Water Wall Technique. He makes the necessary hand signs and then tries the technique by training with it 1st as offense so he concentrates his water on the bottom of the tree and then some water came out, but the tree was supposed to be flying because of the impact from the water. He concentrates again his chalkra into water under the tree and then he uses the technique again, but this time he saw some of the roots get dragged up. He tries again, but before he does he eats some bread and then makes the hand signs and then the water made the tree fly because of the impact of that even though he didn't enhance it yet with chalkra.
So now he has to try again and then he saw some kids watching and he told them to throw rocks at him to test the technique so he concentrates again and then when he says go the kids threw the rocks and then he uses the Technique, but the rocks went through the water. So he tries again and really concentrates so he thinks again and then when the kids threw the rocks again he stopped the rocks with the water, but it was supposed to do more. He tries again and then when they threw again the rocks ricochetted and hit the tree and tree got a whole because of that Technique.
Raikou wanted to make one of his Techniques more powerful so now he is trying to make his Wooden Spike Technique into another version, but still is the same technique, but with more spikes that grow out of his body. So now he surrounds his body with chalkra and then puts his hands together as Earth and Water then spikes came out all over his body. So now he needs to control his aim with the 2nd version of the Technique. So now he has spikes coming out of his arms and has some spikes between his fingers. So now he releases the Spikes and then he hits some birds and some trees. He tries again, but this time he puts more chalkra in the spike to control or make the spike more powerful. He tries and then he was able to control the spike to move 5 inches out of its supposed hit, but when the spike hit the tree the spike went through the tree. He tries again, but this time his whole body and then he grows Spikes out of his body enhances it with chalkra and then releases it and then he was able to move all the calculated targets and it was so strong it broke through the tree and dug through the tree behind it. So now he has enhanced one of his Techniques, but he even though it is only the second stage of the technique he called it the Ultimate Wooden Spike Technique.
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Raikou's Wood training
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