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A world thrown into despair, the story of rage escalating, an empire that does not tolerate opposition... What are your bonds in this world?
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 Hyouton Clan Jutsus

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PostSubject: Hyouton Clan Jutsus   Fri Nov 27, 2009 3:56 pm

Ice Manipulation
--A basic ability used by a Hyouton Creation member, considered an E-rank so they automatically will have learned it. With a block of ice or ice source around, they will hold it and use their chakra throughout it. Channeling the use of chakra through the cube of ice, they can manipulate it to basic weapons. Such as kunai, shuriken or one kantana.

Snow Storm Swallows
--This jutsu creates a cluster of ice needles in the shape of miniature swallows, which the user then throws at the opponent. These needles can change direction in midair and will maim the opponent with their sharp wings. Ranked D.

Wolf Fang Avalanche
--This jutsu allows the Hyouton to cause an avalanche when near a mountain and transform the falling snow into a pack of wolves to attack the opponent. This technique has a weakness to lightning based jutsu of all kinds. Ranked B.

Ice Armor Technique
--This jutsu allows the Hyouton to user their ice basked kekkei gankei to their advantage. Coating themselves in a layer of chakra, then they form it to water. Then using their wind powers, they manipulate the water to a form of ice that seems to make a layer of ice, forming an ice armor. Although it slows the user down, it is a great defensive technique. At Rank D, it can withstand two hits. At Rank C, three hits. At Rank B, four hits and at Rank A, six hits.

Demonic Ice Crystal Mirrors
--Using the kekkei genkai, Hyouton user's can create a dome of twenty-one mirrors made out of ice to trap an opponent. Twelve remain at ground level, eight are placed above the first twelve and angled toward the ground, and the final mirror is above the rest and facing the ground. Hyouton user's can then enter one of the mirrors and instantly transport to another mirror. While moving about he bombards the opponent with attacks at very high speeds, such that the rest of the world appear to be moving in slow motion compared to him. If the mirror the Hyouton is in is broken, he can leap out of one of the fragments and continue his attack or move to another mirror. The technique requires a large amount of chakra to maintain, so the user's movement becomes progressively slower the longer he maintains the mirrors. Ranked B.

Ice Disk Technique

--This jutsu turns the moisture particles in the air into an ice disk. They can be hurled with tremendous force at a target and are hard to dodge because of their transparency. They can also be strung together to spy on areas. They can also be used defensively, creating highly durable shields or disks to stand on to hover in the air. Ranked C.

Thousand Flying Ice Needles
--Using this jutsu, Hyoutons gathers some water from the air and surrounding environment into one thousand long needles. The user then directs them to a specific target at high speed, leaping backwards before impact so they doesn't get caught in the crossfire. While the needles do surround a target from all sides, they don't appear above the target, creating an escape route. Ranked B.

Ice Prison Technique
--This jutsu allows the user to infuse their chakra with ice underground and bring it to the surface. The user can then trap their opponent within the ice by controlling its movements and completely surrounding them in the ice. This jutsu is strong enough to withstand basic fire jutsu, because the ice has already been infused with the user's chakra. This allows this jutsu to double as a defensive technique, by the user encasing themselves in the ice. Ranked B.

Demonic Ice Mirror Murder

--After the victim is trapped in Demonic Ice Mirrors, the mirrors will explode, damaging all inside while the Hyouton, using their speed to get away at the last instant, remains safely outside of the blast. Ranked B.

Black Dragon Blizzard
--An Ice Release technique formed from already existing ice. After forming the needed hand seals Hyouton's will thrust his arm to send out a black ether-like dragon to strike his opponent. As it flies through the air it will begin to turn. When it hits the target it will use its motion to launch the opponent high into the air. Ranked B.

Piercing Dragon Fierce Tiger

--This jutsu allows the user to create a giant tiger made out of ice. The user needs a nearby source of ice in order to use this jutsu. This jutsu is cold enough to freeze any Water Release techniques it comes into contact with. Ranked A.

One Horned Whale
--This jutsu allows the user to create a humongous whale, the size of a small island, out of ice to attack their opponent. The user needs a source of ice in order to use this technique. This jutsu is used more as a distraction technique, or to block an opponents movements, because of its size. Ranked S.

--Twin Dragon Blizzard
An advanced version of Ice Release: Black Dragon Blizzard in which the Hyouton releases two dragons of black snow that merge into a massive tornado. This jutsu manipulates existing ice and does not create ice. Ranked A.
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Hyouton Clan Jutsus
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