Naruto: Eternal Bonds

A world thrown into despair, the story of rage escalating, an empire that does not tolerate opposition... What are your bonds in this world?
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 Lucius - Chara Reg.

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PostSubject: Lucius - Chara Reg.   Fri Nov 27, 2009 3:06 am

Name: Light

Alias: Artist

Age: 25

Clan: Ink Weavers

Kekkei Genkai/Specialty: Ink animation

Element: Raiton

Village: Yukikagure
Rank: Jounin

Appearance: Avatar Picture


In his early ages, Light was always unsure in him self. He was really picky when he searched for friend, due to his constant usage of illusions, even he didnt know what was real and what was a illusion. But then, one day he found three real friends, which he trusted fully. At that time he was happy, joyful and playable. But then, even they left him, so his personality returned to his old unsure self. Since then, he always was unsure of his powers and abilities, slowly sinking deep into the shadows.

When he grew up and became a teenager, Light fully changed. He became a little more sure in his powers, making them evolve a lot. To test them, he even decided to kill the Blade Kage, and he did it great. But then, Light suffered yet a another defeat, forcing him to leave his friends and family. That made a great impact on his personality. It made him a: lazy, genious, new jutsus searcher, new places searcher, traveler, reckless, etc. He gained some good and bad sides, from which, his laziness was the worst.

From all the things mentioned, Lights best trait is that hes always relaxed. Hes never angry, even if he is, he will never show it. There arent many things that could make him mad or angry, but there are things that could heart his feelings. The most painful thing for him is a loss in a battle. That could make him so sad, that he would lock him self in a dark room for five days, without any food or water. He would only come out, after making a revenge plan, or a way to win in a rematch.


Light was born in a small merchant town, near the village hidden in the Blades. His parents were young merchants at that time, so they had enough money, to give a good life to their son. His family had a small shop, near the center of the town, where they also lived, so they were always near their son. Because of that, they didn’t need a baby sitter, so their son experienced a lot of love and care. But, most of that was an illusion, which Lights parents created. In the truth, they came from a long line of assassins who used illusion to kill. They were hiding it perfectly from the other people, and even their son didn’t know about it. But, they were afraid that Light will gain the secret power of the Hyuuga clan, but nobody knew if that will really happen.

When Light was 8, the truth started to show it self, to Light and everyone around him. Due to their family past, Lights parents knew that there was a chance that their son will gain their clan powers, but there weren’t sure. There was only one way to find that out, and that was, to send Light into the ninja academy. At first, he didn’t wanted to go to the academy, but everything changed. In the academy, Light meet a lot of new friends, so he slowly started to enjoy the ninja life. A few years later, while Light was still in the academy, and he finally discovered a talent for genjutsu. All the illusions he made were so real, that almost nobody could differ them from reality. Some of Lights friends became angry on him, so they stopped hanging out. Soon after, he was left, with only three friends. That wasn’t much, but all of them were true friends, so they were always sticking together.

At the age of 13, Light and all of his friends finally finished the ninja academy. All of them were really happy about it, and they all hopped to finish in a squad with each other. But, destiny wasn’t on Lights side, all three of his friends ended in squad 3, while he ended in squad 5. This made him and them sad, so before the start of their genin life, all of them hanged together as many as they could. But then, missions started, and Light never saw his friends again. This made a horrible impact on Lights moral. He slowly started to go insane.

When Light was 14 years old, he found out a very happy news. His friends were taking the chuunin exams, giving him a chance to see them again. Because of that, he also signed up for the exam. But there was a problem, Lights squad members wanted to skip the exam this year and take the one next year. Light didn’t know what to do to make them change their minds, so he decided to use his illusions to trick them. With a simple illusion, he tricked his team mates into joining the exam. Of course, they found out about it, but it was too late. Both of Lights team mates dropped out, leaving him alone in the exam. With no problem, light passed the first and the second round, coming into the third round without a single wound. In the third round, he finally met his three friends, all tired and happy to see him. But, the destiny decided to do something again, forcing Light to fight his best friend. With no option at all, Light did it, winning without a problem. A few matches after, he ended fighting against his other two friends, beating them also. At the end, he became a chuunin, and his friends failed the exam. From that moment, Light had no friends at all.

Few years later, when Light was 18, his skills became amazing. He became a fearsome shinobi, even the Blade Kage was afraid of his power, same with his family. But, Light didn’t cared, all of them needed him, and he knew it. Then, Light decided to do something dangerous, just to test his true power. He decided to kill the blade kage and take his spot, as the youngest kage in history. His plan went perfectly and the kage was killed. But, before he could take the spot, a Uchiha decided to confront him. In the fight, Light was injured badly, so he had to use his last resort. He used a very powerful Genjutsu and escaped the village. A day after, the village elders made that Uchiha the new kage, so Light was unable to return to the village. It seemed that his perfect life came to an end. But, did Light taught that way? No, he didn’t, he decided to keep on living.

Light didn’t cared that he was a outlaw now, actually, that made things even better. Now, he didn’t had to listen to other peoples orders and he was free to make his own decisions. The first thing he decided to do was to take avenge on the Village hidden in the Blades. That wasnt gonna be easy, since he all alone. But, Light has faith in his own skills, so he hopes for a better future.

Blah Blah...he joined Snow, and became a Jounin...

RP Sample:
It took Light only a few seconds to reach the administration building. After he came in front of it, he looked around, trying to see if anyone will show up. But, at first, there wasn’t anyone there. Since there wasn’t anyone there, Light decided to do some investigation. He slowly turned towards the administration building, turning his head upwards, towards the kage office. There, he noticed that the wall of the office was wrecked completely, like someone forcefully left the office. This little detail sure made Light curious, he could stop thinking about, what has happened.

But then, out of a sudden, Light enhanced hearing heard something coming at him at a quick rate. By its speed, he assumed that this was a kunai or a shuriken, and it was coming from behind. With all this facts, Lights reflexes quickly turned on, and he jumped out of the way. With a swift 180 spin, he was now looking directly at the place from which the kunai has came. But, there was nothing there, only a dead tree. Realizing that that there wasn’t anything there, Light lowered his guard, and he started to wait for his clones to return.

But then, out of a sudden, a figure appeared in front of Light, wearing a Hidden Cloud Village head band. A ninja like Light. Other than the head band, Light noticed that this person has a chuunin jacket, indicating that he was a chuunin. He also had a extra large kunai on his back. It was a such an unusual weapon, but it was also quite useful. Then, out of a sudden, the figure quickly grasped his weapon. He looked at Light, and then, he swung his kunai directly at Light.

Seeing this unusual reaction, Light quickly reacted, by making a quick duck. After ducking, he quickly made a single hand sing, flickering a few meters backwards. With his flicker, Light appeared directly at the door step of the administration building. But, his fellow shinobi didn’t stopped, he made an new swing, aiming to chop of Lights head. Since dodging wouldn’t get him anywhere, the young Yoshitoki decided to fight back, so he quickly decided to use some of his Taijutsu moves to render and disarm his opponent.

When the sword attack was about to take off Lights head, Light vanished out of sight, using a simple Dancing Leaf Shadow. That was his newest technique, which he really wanted to test in combat. When he used that technique, he appeared in the shadow of the Cloud ninja who was attacking him, making no sound when he appeared. To Light it appeared that it was time to end this fight, so he trusted his palm forwards, attempting to use a yoshitoki clan jutsu called: Wind release: Dry palm technique. But, he was wrong.

When Lights attack landed a hit on his opponent, he suddenly disappeared. The opponent he was fighting was just a clone, and the real one was hiding. When he realized that it was a clone, Light quickly turned towards the place from which the clone came. Then, he used his advance sense of smell and hearing to try finding the real opponent. A few seconds later, Lights opponent appeared a meter away from him. This time it was the real one, Light knew that, since he was able to smell him out. When their looks meet, a invisible battle started between the two of then.

Out of a sudden, the other cloud ninja slowly returned his giant kunai, back to its sheets. After that, he continued to look directly at Light. A seconds later, with a smile on his face, the figure calmly spoke

“I am sorry for attacking you, but I needed to see if your among the ones attacking the village. But, judging by the move you just did, I am going assume that you are not one of them. Only a kind and honorable person cold try to knock an attacker instead of trying to kill him.”

When Light heard what this person had to said, he calmly set on the ground, and then he responded him

“No…. I am not a part of the group who attacked the village hidden in the clouds. I am just a ordinary cloud village ninja, by the name Light Yoshitoki, who is trying to find out what happened here. Since you already saw my head band, I am assuming that the person who attacked the village was a Cloud ninja. Am I wrong, or what? And, are you a part of that group?”

A smile appeared on the face of the chuunin, it seems that Light said something amusing to him. When he was finished, the other shinobi spoke again

“My name is Yoshi, for starters. Well, I am also not a part of the group of attackers, they were much stronger than me. And Yes, you are right, one of them was a cloud village ninja, and his name is Zexion Nendo the former Raikage. Other than him, there was a sound village ninja, who has a name I don’t know. The only thing I know about the other ninja was that he has the ability to create and manipulate lava and fire. But, I think he is still just a genin or a chuunin, at least judging by his chakra levels. Has this answered your question? It probably did, you look really surprised.”

When Yoshi mentioned the name of the Raikage, the look on Lights face suddenly changed, taking a shocked look. He would never taught that the Raikage was able to do such a thing. To unite with the sound village ninja and to attack his own village, this was quite shocking. The whole picture of Zexion changed in Lights mind. Good memories of a brave and a nice kage, were replaced with a picture of an cruel, mean, cowardly person. Taughts of vengeance filled his mind, making pair of teeth grow from his mouth. Then, a couple of words came out, in a cold and creepy voice

“I am going kill them both.”

As the transformation in front of him happened, Yoshi quickly stepped in front of Light, grabbing him by his shoulders. Then, he started to shake Light, trying to get him back to conscious. While doing that, Yoshi calmly spoke

“Snap out of it!!!!!! It is not the time for doing that, we have to restore the village first, and then you will be able to get your vengeance. I was also angry when I found out about it, but later I realized that there is nothing I could do, he is in a way higher league than both of us.”

After saying all of the thing he wanted to say, Light was still in his state of madness. At the moment, chakra started to erupt all around him, making it hard for Yoshi to even think. Yoshi had only one more way to calm him, so he decided to tell a secret. Without a second to wait, he calmly said

“I WAS THERE, when the Raikage and that Sound nin decided to wreck the village a little. But….. but…. I was so scared, and so I didn’t do anything about it. I mean, he was the raikage, and I am just a chuunin, our ranks are way different.”

When Yoshi spoke those first few words, Lights focus returned, so he was able to hear everything he said. Suddenly, the transformation stopped, and Light was back to normal. But, he was still surprised by the words his companion said. And then, in a blink of an eye, a fist landed on Yoshis face, making him fall on the ground. Besides him, a cold faced Light was standing, watching him with a evil glare. With no hesitation what so ever, Light started to shout


After saying those words, Lights voice calmed a little, and he continued

“Are you even a member of this village? Not doing anything when your own village is under attack, even the weakest genin would have done something to help the village in any way. If I wasn’t shocked about the Raikage, I would have killed you right now and right here. Besides, since the village is in so much trouble, it needs all the shinobi it can get. This time, I will let you live.”

While Light was saying all of this, a group of villagers lead by a group of shadow clones, approached the place of the meeting. When they heard the two ninjas arguing about something, all of them stopped, and they started to listen to what were the two talking about. Since, Light and Yoshi were too busy with their arguing, they didn’t even noticed the villagers. When Light was finally over with his speech, he moved his head just a little to the left, and that was enough for him to noticed the villagers. All of the villagers had shocked faces from all the things they heard about the Raikage and Yoshi. When Light stopped talking, even Yoshi noticed the villagers, who were all looking at him. Yoshifelt ashamed in that moment, but then, a Daimyo came out. The Daimyo came trough the door of the kage office, so he also he knew what was happening between the two ninjas, but he rather stayed inside instead of coming out.

The meeting was about to start.

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PostSubject: Re: Lucius - Chara Reg.   Fri Nov 27, 2009 4:16 am

I like it, you've improved in Role Play, that's for sure.

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Lucius - Chara Reg.
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