Naruto: Eternal Bonds

A world thrown into despair, the story of rage escalating, an empire that does not tolerate opposition... What are your bonds in this world?
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 Yoshitoki Takimoto

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PostSubject: Yoshitoki Takimoto   Thu Nov 26, 2009 6:07 pm

Name: Yoshitoki Takimoto
Alias: "Noble Wolf", following the legacy of his father; "Rebellious Wolf", remembering the old days as a teenager.
Age: Twenty-three

Clan: Yoshitoki
Kekkei Genkai/Specialty: Kekkei Genkai: Doujutsu - Urufuaizou

Element: Wind

Village: Yaibagakure no Sato
Rank: Kage

Appearance: Takimoto resembles the Avatar much. Although the avatar only shows his facial futures, it also possesses a very long ponytail that reaches around his waist. He usually wears his Jounin outfit, his bandana being replaced by a headband of his village. His eyes are yellow, which make him be recognizing as part of the Yoshitoki clan. Apart from these features, he has nothing else out of the ordinary, maybe possibly a scar or two that he gains throughout missions, but nothing to make a big deal of.

Personality: Like any matured teenager, Takimoto is a complex individual. His personality has different sides that merge, all in one, to create the being that the shinobi actually is.

The Proud: The Yoshitoki is a very proud individual. If he deeply believes he is right, there is no way around him. For Takimoto, there is his Right and his Wrong. This can be quite a problem, but the matters of discussion in which he is definitely proud are very specific, enabling his personality's different parts to shine. As a proud person, he forces himself to accomplish his goals and what he promised. If Taki made a promise, he will go to Hell and return if that was what he promised.

A Critical Thinker: A very specific trait of this young guy. The teenager is able to create multiple reactions to a specific situation in a very short amount of time, allowing him to give a good fight to his opponent. With this ability, Takimoto is referred as a Jack of All Trades and a trump card to have in various occasions. However, his emotional side might interfere with his thoughts.

Emotional and Showing It: Takimoto is a very particular Storm Rider. Although he knows how to be professional, his fuse explodes when his closest ones are harmed or his values are doubted of. The guy appreciates friendship and loyalty, having those values in a very high pedestal. With the sin of being proud, this emotional state is more visible. Although not easily angered or annoyed, when such a thing occurs, he will most likely rage on the person in question, not giving a damn about repercussions. This trait is also visible in specific occasions and situations, depending on the events at hand.

The Joker: No, not to be taken literally. Takimoto likes jokes and all, but "The Joker" represents his fighting style. He likes to toy with his opponents, making himself the predator and his enemy the prey. He fights based on submissive maneuvers and quick hits to injure and cuss his prey before the final cut, the curtains fall. Takimoto is keen on torturing his enemies both physically and mentally, playing with these two forms back and forth. Although his actions look random and childish, Takimoto is fully aware of what he is doing. He might pop a Genjutsu out of nowhere or simply pretend to use one. Nothing is certain with this shinobi.

The Lust - Another strong characteristic of Takimoto's personality is the sin of Lust. When he craves for something, he tries every possible way to reach it. Although this shinobi does think through the means to reach an end and tries to justify the first with the latter, sometimes he forces himself to make the most vicious and violent of means, if the end justifies it. Takimoto bases his actions on instinct and desire.

A Relaxed and Laid Back Character: This is the most "usual" side of Takimoto. Laid back, carefree, not giving a damn about most of the world. The teenager likes to relax and rest in the wild, enjoying to simply staring blankly at the sky while lying on the fresh grass or on a tree branch. Although he does have a particular taste for fighting, this peculiar side of his personality goes against the rest, to be honest. He doesn't get carried away by emotions while relaxed, usually being seen with a very gentle smile and glittering eyes. Like those acquainted to him say, this is most certainly the trait he obtained from his mother.

Background: (implemented via RP along with Yoshitoki Clan History)

RP Sample: Rekkan left the Administrative Building of Amegakure no Sato, hitting the streets of the Hidden Village and directing himself towards a local tavern. From the information given by his Kage, there was a brawl going on at said tavern and the Adenar, like the shinobi he was, had to bring order to chaos. Although he had the mission's objectives, Rekkan made personal goals. Maybe it was because he had learned the style of the "Angry Tiger" just recently, but the young ninja saw this mission as a way to test his new abilities. With blade strapped to the right side of his waist, he made way through the wet streets of Amegakure and arrived at his destination. But of course, it had to be a tavern located deep within the secondary streets, where the drunkards prefer to stay after a long day's work. Most of them babble and argue about their tough lives, but sometimes those arguements turn into violent brawls. Rekkan understood their side, but by violating the peace of the village, they were losing all reason and had to be taken care of.

The Adenar gripped the rusty iron knob and pulled it, noticing how heavy it was. The rain, along with the years of non-existant maintenance, made this simple entry door become worn out, rusty and heavy. High pitched screeching noises would echo through the inside of the establishment, making those who tried to escape havoc focus their attention on the sudden chance to flee the scene. Pushing and pulling, no one cared if ladies and children had to be first, they just had to get away. Chairs flew from one side to the other as clubs smashed the skulls of the unaware fighters. Savages... That was the perfect word for these neanderthals. The Adenar squeezed in through the running crowd, feeling as if he was fighting against a river's strong tide. For each step he took, the more vivid was the stench of fear. Disgusting... Annoying...

Successfully passing through that group of fleeing men and women, the Adenar tilted his head to the left, popping his neck gently. He walked towards a table, one of the very few that was still not damaged - surprisingly enough - , and smashed his left fist against its wooden form.


He yelled, narrowing his eyes, forcing his right hand against the blade, holding it by the cloth that wrapped around the spot where a hilt should be located. That cloth was also strapped to the young boy's right forearm and, if one was to take off the Adenar's top of the uniform, he would see more white cloth of a sturdy material... No, a very resistant material. Gifts from his father, precious equipment needed for his "Angry Tiger". The brawlers, who reached the number of ten, focused their attention on the new arrival, their eyes filled with anger and murderous intents. One of them, a tall man with a pale and skinny body, smirked at Rekkan and brought his club up, laying it on his right shoulder. He glared at the shinobi with his brown eyes. His instinct urged him to attack the boy, to kill.

"Shinobi rabble...!" - he said in quite a lucid manner, showing not to be as drunk as the other - "We are tired of you mongrels always barging in in our plays...! Get the fuck outta here before we kill you...!"

Rekkan sighed. This guy wasn't for real, he probably had a screw or two loose. The ninja spread his legs gently, not too far from each other. He only needed a small bending of his knees, a small increase of his reflexes towards an offensive action. He dared say no word, for his reactions had given away his intentions. The brawlers, who were so focused on each other once... Aimed to crush the shinobi... And skin him alive! The first one to attack was the tall man, running hastly through the tavern and swinging his club from left to right. When he reached Rekkan, the man tried to swing the club in an old fashion way, diagonally, in a downwards manner. He would attempt from a high right point to a low left point. However, he underestimated the shinobi greatly. The moment he raised his hand, the Adenar had moved silently. He leaned to the left, even if only by a mere inch. As the swing started, Rekkan forced his body to lean further to the left, having his right leg stretch itself as his torso laid on the table. The stretched leg connected with the lower legs of the man, making him trip and fall hard with his face against the hard wooden ground. Alas, it was not over yet, and Rekkan had to act fast. A sitting duck in that position, another brawler took advantage and attempted to slam a chair against the shinobi. The young man's eyes grew wider before he instinctively rolled back, landing his hands on the ground as the chair was forced against the table, breaking in pieces.

"Tch... These guys are serious... If I don't fight back, I'll tire and they'll get the upperhand easily. Well... There seems to be no other way."

Rekkan unsheathed his blade, twirling his right arm around as the cloth began to unstrap from it. When it reached an end, the Adenar gripped the cloth with his left hand and the blade with his right, not even waiting for his opponents to take action on him. He twirled the blade and forced his palm against its side, forcing it against a brawler's face. Seeing how a second brawler was marching on him from his left, the Adenar pulled the cloth with his left hand, having the blade follow that move and hit that man in the nose with its hiltless spot. Rekkan followed that move by skipping to the side of the wounded man, who was knocked back by the strike on the nose. Now at the injured man's left side, the Gennin forced his left elbow on the man's ribs. However, without notice, a third brawler took advantage and responded to Rekkan's carelessness. He smashed his foot on the young boy's right cheek, forcing his body against the other man and slamming against the wall. Trying not to remain a sitting duck, the ninja got up and saw himself being forced against a corner. Seven brawlers, no, eight brawlers surrounded him. They grinned and smirked, believing that they had defeated the kid. The tall man from before laughed at the shinobi's situation, although he was bleeding from his nose for falling moments ago.

"Although this was an even fight," - said Rekkan - "I'm here to bring order to chaos, not waste my time with you. So excuse me if I have to cheat in order to get some sense into your heads."

He brought his hands together, holding them in a single seal. Index and middle finger were the only stretched out fingers as the others remained gripped to the palm. His right hand's index and middle fingers were held horizontally as the opposite hand's were held vertically. Combining them and making the shape of an odd cross, a seal that was held near the boy's solar plexus, he said:

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

A cloud of smoke veilled the young shinobi. From that mysterious cloud, three Rekkans stormed against the eight brawlers, who remained speechless, completely overwhelmed by what had just happened. They screamed and cried out in agony and fear as they were severely wounded, being forced to a state of complete uncounsciousness. The ten of them, two which had been dealt with earlier, were lying on the ground, knocked out from the beating "Rekkan Times Three" had given them. He sighed and felt embarrassed. But why was that? Maybe because those mongrels affected his pride in a sense... That was the reason why he overdid it a little. But... Mission was accomplished. The young boy tied them up together and decided to return to the Administrative Building. He would give word of his success to the Amekage upon mission completion and receive his pay. Hopefully, what he was going to receive would be enough to allow the Adenar to continue his training.
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PostSubject: Re: Yoshitoki Takimoto   Fri Nov 27, 2009 2:21 am

Since the Yoshitoki Clan was approved, i guess this is fine.....APPROVED.
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Yoshitoki Takimoto
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